2014 BMW X4 concept and price

The 2014 BMW X4 was revealed at the Shanghai motor show in April this year, and it is obvious that it resembles to its X family.

The German car maker hopes to have the same smash hit like with X6 since the 2014 BMW X4 is its duplicate, just one class lower.

2014 BMW X4 front view

Design of 2014 BMW X4

The 2014 BMW X4 is based on architecture, underpinning and power trains from the X3. However, it will be longer than X3, but lower and wider than the X6. The trunk space will be quite smaller because of the descending roof-line, and it will weigh over 4000 pounds. The large wheel arches will be filled out with 21-inch bi-color alloys, and there will also be the trademark kidney grille and a pair of large front air intakes. Nevertheless, the 2014 BMW X4 will undergo some changes before it goes on the market, such as mirrors and lights.

2014 BMW X4 side view

Engine range for 2014 BMW X4

The 2014 BMW X4 will be available in a couple of versions- an xDrive28i will be powered by the turbocharged, four-cylinder, 2.0-liter producing 240-hp, and an xDrive35i with 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, packing a 300-hp. There will also be an option of two diesel power plants: 184bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 306bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder. Furthermore, it is possible that a plug-in hybrid come out as well. It will be based on the 3-series Active Hybrid system. All the models of the 2014 BMW X4 will be supplied with fuel-saving systems, as well as with enhanced aerodynamics, brake-energy recuperation and stop-start systems. Nevertheless, an M version won’t be available in the near future, probably because there is no M X6 either.

2014 BMW X4 rear view

Price of 2014 BMW X4

The price of the 2014 BMW X4 is still uncertain, but we suppose it will be somewhere over the X3 model. Its production is predicted at Frankfurt later this year so it can go on sale next year. Until then, we have to wait to see if this shrunken X6 will beat in beauty and power its rivals Land Rover Evoque, Audi Q5 and Mercedes Benz coupe-like crossover.

2014 BMW X4 front

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