2014 DODGE BARRACUDA specs and price

The 2014 Dodge Barracuda won’t probably be released during this year, but next year. It will appear with a new design and updated specification.

Even though there are not many details about this car, there are some reports that it will be an enhancement of the current Dodge Challenger.

2014 Dodge Barracuda front view

Design of 2014 Dodge Barracuda

This muscle car will have a completely new platform, developed by its producer. It will also feature a new front fascia and grille. Moreover, the 2014 Dodge Barracuda will have six inches shorter wheelbase compared to its brother Challenger, eight inches less in overall length, and therefore, it will be similar in size to the current Mustang. It is also expected that rear track and overall width shrink by more than two inches. Furthermore, it will be 250 to 300 pounds lighter. The front suspension will be moved to a strut setup from control arms, and the rear suspension will stay multilink, but with new geometry. Generally, the exterior design of the 2014 Dodge Barracuda will be inspired by the old 1971 Plymouth Barracuda featuring wide-mouth design and un-aerodynamic styling. Nevertheless, it is uncertain if this design will fit with the new fuel efficiency and emissions standards.

2014 Dodge Barracuda interior

Engine range for 2014 Dodge Barracuda

Because of the new standards and also CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) regulations, the new ‘Cuda will have to raise the mpg and lower the emissions. However, there is possibility of having four engine options of this vehicle: the new force-fed 2.4-liter Tigershark inline-four, the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 with a direct injection, the Hemi V-8 5.7- or 6.4-liter engine versions with direct injection that will increase power and efficiency. And, as far as the new platform, it will use the D-size platform of Alfa-Romeo.

2014 Dodge Barracuda rear view

Price of 2014 Dodge Barracuda

According to all the specifications listed above, we can conclude that the 2014 Dodge Barracuda will be quite an expensive car. Its base price is predicted to start at $60,000. And we assume that it will be a huge competition to Camaro ZL1.

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