2014 TOYOTA HILUX review and release date

The 2014 Toyota Hilux will be the eighth generation of a large-dimension SUV that has been produced for fifty years. It will come out with a new look both from the outside and inside.

2014 Toyota Hilux front view

It will be well-known for its durability and indestructibility because of the simplicity of materials and improved technology used in its production.

2014 Toyota Hilux interior

Design of 2014 Toyota Hilux

Toyota engineers have put a lot of effort to create “perfection” on four wheels. The new 2014 Toyota Hilux will undergo big changes in the exterior and interior, and they will include: Electronic Stability Control, European steering box instead of the current Japanese steering box, new grill and front and rear lighting, better ride and handling, much better suspension to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), much better shock absorbers, increase braked towing capacity to at least 3000 kg from the current 2500 kg, more active and passive safety features. As for its spacious interior, it will be able to accommodate five adult passengers. Furthermore, it will possess leather seats, Equipment City with sophisticated electronics such as multimedia system with touch screen and camera for easier reverse. Generally, it will give an impression of driving in a comfortable limousine.

2014 Toyota Hilux side view

Engine range for 2014 Toyota Hilux

Speaking of power train, its modern diesel engine will work quietly and smoothly. The old 2.5 liter engine in the previous model will be replaced by three-liter diesel engine that will produce a maximum 171 hp and achieve a speed of 0-100 km in just 8 s. The 2014 Toyota Hilux will be available with both rear and all four wheel drives, and it will have a five-speed automatic transmission. And for more demanding tasks there is a rear differential lock.

2014 Toyota Hilux rear view

Price of 2014 Toyota Hilux

This high-class SUV will go on sale at the end of the summer, but its price is still unknown. We are sure that the 2014 Toyota Hilux will retain dominance in its segment and that it will be a serious competitor to Mazda BT-50, Volkswagen Amarok and Ford Ranger.

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